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Of course I'm still hunting for a copy of White's "English Lantern Clocks". I even contacted the publisher, the Antique Collectors' Club several times. English Lantern Clocks was originally published in 1989 and was meant for their members who are antique collectors in general. White's book is far too specific for an audience of collectors of all kinds of antique. It deals with only a very narrow topic in the much vaster subject of horology. That's probably why the book was issued in very limited numbers and it wasn't republished since. Anyway the publisher told me "English Lantern Clocks is out of print, with no likelihood for a reprint".

However White's book is the bible on the subject English Lantern Clocks and I had to find a copy for a reasonable price somehow. A very annoying thing is that for instance Amazone and other internet booksellers claim they have it. But in my experience they never have what they offer.

So eventually I tried a different approach. I asked the national library to get a copy from abroad (after I found out that not a single Dutch library has one). They succeeded to order a copy from a German university library which I could borrow for one week only. I took the opportunity to photo copy the book. Of course that probably isn't allowed, even for your own use, but there was simply no reasonable way to obtain the book otherwise and I tried very hard. I still hope that English Lantern Clocks from George White will be reissued, because it really is a magnificent book that deserves to get a much broader attention. I learned many things reading it.

Lantern Clocks & Their Makers - Brian Loomes

There is one other resource I would like to mention before closing the matter of finding information on Lantern Clocks. Earlier I wrote about the antique dealers who recommend their clocks on the internet. There's one dealer who in my opinion exceeds them all in a very positive way. Brian Loomes is a dealer in antique clocks in Harrogate, England. He has been publishing articles on the internet for several years now. Brian takes pride in doing comprehensive research on the history of many clocks he sells. Of course, there's a commercial reason too; the value of an antique clock rises if its history is known. But it is obvious that Loomes puts in a great commitment and love for the object he sells. Anyway, Brian Loomes has written several very readable and interesting articles on Lantern Clocks which are a great resource for me and others.

The last magnus opus about lantern clocks; English Lantern Clocks from George White, was issued almost 20 years ago. And it is still very sought after and much spoken about but only few have a copy. That is why every lantern clock enthusiast will be delighted to hear that Brian Loomes has written a new important work on lantern clocks: "Lantern Clocks & Their Makers".

More information can be found on the website of Brian & Joy Loomes.

Link to the website of the Antique Collector's Club.

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