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In order to do the job right I had to learn a lot more about English Lantern Clocks. I seize every opportunity to take a look at lantern clocks closely in antique shops that sell them. I've read many books about clocks in the past but most of them dedicate only a few lines to lantern clocks. First I only knew of two books that deal with this subject thoroughly. Both publications have the same title "English Lantern Clocks". The first one is from the Dutch author W.F. Hana, the second one is from the English horologist George White. Hana's book wasn't very difficult to obtain, in fact I bought a copy some four years ago. Getting hold of a copy of White's book is a lot more difficult.

Since many years I've been searching the internet for every scrap of information that I can get about lantern clocks. There are quite a few resources out there. Most of them are websites of antique dealers who recommend their clocks. I noticed that White's book is not seldomly mentioned as a resource. Antique dealers have the annoying habit to extol a lantern clock they want to sell with a phrase similar as "mentioned in George White's English Lantern Clock, page... etc.". They don't tell that this book is extremely rare and only very few people have a copy. It took me some four years before I was able to even borrow the book for a week. In the mean time I wrote to about every antiquarian book seller in Europe. They either didn't have a copy or it was extremely expensive. A copy was sold on Ebay recently for the astronomical amount of over 785 US Dollars! Gosh, I wish I had bought a dozen copies at the time the book was published ;-) 

Recently I got a bit luckier. I bought the book "English 30 Hour Clocks" from Jeff Darken and John Hooper. Much to my surprise this book actually gives extensive information on the technical aspects of the movements of English lantern clocks. I highly recommend this book to everyone who wants to know more about these fascinating clocks. English 30 Hour Clocks was published in 1997 by Penita Books and the ISBN number is 0953074501.


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