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In 1987 I finished my education as an engraver and diesinker at the school for gold-and silversmiths, jewelers, clockmakers and engravers in Schoonhoven (Holland). It was followed by one and a half year of apprenticeship at the Royal Dutch Mint. Since then I'm working as a full-time engraver and steel diesinker for a larger company in jewelry and merit objects. There's still a good earning for the craftsman who perform the fine old trade of engraving. Unfortunately the school stopped training new apprentices in this trade, that is why particularly the craft of hand engraving slowly will die out.

At work

I'm not in need of extra work but my job is partly my hobby. I enjoy working on clocks and that is why I like to engrave different parts of clocks. Lantern clocks are of their nature suitable objects for engraving and on this page I show you some examples of my recent work in this field. On the picture above I'm working on the chapter ring of a Zaanse Klok, one of the Dutch types of stool clocks which are variants of other types of European lantern clocks. After the engraving is finished the chapter ring was cut out of the brass plate.

Alarm disc

For my replica lantern clock I engraved this alarm disc, a fret, dial plate and chapter ring

Dolphin fret

Lantern Clocks of the second and third period often have this type of frets referred as dolpin frets.

Dial plate and chapter ring

English lantern clocks usually only have an hour hand. I could not resist the temptation to engrave a few ornaments in the steel.

Hour hand

Practically all dial plates of lantern clocks have floral ornaments. About 1650 English engravers started to use the tulip as a new flower to decorate these dials. This is a copy of an early example of such engravings.

Dial plate

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