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A good lantern clock has all its measures in the right proportions, and I faced the difficult task to get the proportions right. In the Model Engineer Magazines numbers 3520 to 3526 a complete series of drawings of a lantern clock was published in autumn/winter1975. It's an excellent description that can be of great value for anyone who likes to build a lantern clock. Second hand copies of these particular magazines can be found on Ebay quite often.

The first page of the articles/drawings in Model Engineer Magazine

Unfortunately I didn't have the magazines at that time and I totally had to rely on my own drawing skills and my ability to carefully examine original lantern clocks and measure them. Other information was retrieved in the books mentioned on the previous web pages. I used a cad program to make the drawings on the computer. The usage of CAD has all different advantages which are too many to mention all. Eventually hundreds of drawings have been made to cover all the parts of the clock. But in this stage of the working process I had to make drawings of the clock case first.

A computer drawing of the front

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